Eteoklis Papanastasiou

Advertisment Specialist

“Building a Brand on Social Media” with Eteoklis Papanastasiou…
Eteoklis has been professionally involved in advertising for 10 years, and he now enters the 3rd year of having his own advertising company! 
Through collaborations and then with individual projects, he has come into contact and created campaigns for well-known and unknown brands, in Cyprus and abroad. 
Eteoklis Papanastasiou speakiing about advertisement on social media
What characterizes him are the radical advertisements where, with a small budget, they draw attention and communicate the right messages to the right audience. In particular, in recent years, a different philosophy has been developed where speed and the right thinking come to defeat big budgets and perfection.

Building a Brand Through Social Media 

Eteoklis will be explaining why the point of social media is not just to create content because it is a trend. The point is to use them as a strategy to bring people closer to your brand, and encourage purchases not because of the price, but because the buyer has come to trust and believe in you.
During his presentation you will see:
  • Examples of successful campaigns (based in cyprus) that we did.
  • You will learn effective tips you can apply in order to make your content more attractive.
  • You will learn how to use your budget wisely without wasting money
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