Dariia Vasylieva

Dariia Vasylieva

Dariia Vasylieva Founder, CEO at FD CAPITAL Dariia Vasylieva is a Founder and CEO at FD CAPITAL, is a celebrated investment banking executive and serial entrepreneur, whose dynamic career of over 15 years is a testament to her exceptional mastery of the capital markets. Throughout her impressive tenure, including seven years in C-suite roles at […]

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Viktoria Nicolaou Team 2023

Olga Grigoreva

Victoria Nicolaou Digital Marketer Victoria Nicolaou holds a Business Administration degree with a specialized focus on digital marketing, demonstrating a keen expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of digital media. Her professional journey has been marked by hands-on involvement in diverse projects and extensive research centered around the core pillars of digital marketing. Victoria’s expertise encompasses

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Viktoria Nicolaou Team 2023

Victoria Nicolaou

Olesea Ceaicovschi (Tchaikovsky) Owner of a maritime group of companies and holdings worldwide, Lawyer, Singer, Songwriter, Performer “Love your family, work super hard, and live your passion.” Olesea Ceaicovschi is a businesswoman, owner, and manager of several companies, mainly in the maritime industry. She believes that being a good entrepreneur is an innate quality, a

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george pappas dual phd specialist in metaverse

George Pappas

George Pappas, Ph.D., Ph.D. MEng | XR & Gamification Specialist | Metaverse Applications Engineer Georgios Pappas, Ph.D., Ph.D., is an Electrical & Computer Engineer graduate from the National Technical University of Athens (B.Sc./M.Sc.-Dual Ph.D.) and Michigan State University (Dual Ph.D.). He is also an alumnus of the MIT IoT Bootcamp (2017) and was an invited

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Dr Viola Edward speaker at Go Digital Cyprus Conference 2023

Viola Edward

VIOLA EDWARD CEO & co-owner of GRIT Academy Viola Edward is the CEO/co-owner of GRIT Academy and partner of Creative Women Platform & 3 Startups in the areas of E-learning, Circular Fashion & Health. Author. Former President of Red Global de Mentores. Honorary President of Charity on wheels -Fashion for a Cause. Viola is a

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titan office solutions sponsor of Go Digital cyprus Conference

Titan Office Solutions

Exciting News: TITAN OFFICE SOLUTIONS Joins Forces with Go Digital Cyprus Conference 2023 as Gold Sponsors In the fast-paced world of business, where innovation meets functionality, Titan Office stands as a beacon of excellence. Pioneering exceptional experiences by transforming office environments with innovative and functional furniture, Titan Office brings a unique blend of quality, image,

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Laura Stefania Efthymiou

Laura Stefania Efthymiou Founder and Owner of Design With Moss Business Description: Design with Moss is the first interior design company in Cyprus specialising in incorporating moss into interior living spaces. We offer unique and innovative design solutions that bring the beauty of nature indoors, creating visually stunning and eco-friendly environments. Our Approach: At Design

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Dora Anastasiou

Dora Anastasiou

Dora Anastasiou Director of Kipai Interior Design & Interior Design | Lecturer Dora Anastasiou is an interior designer and director-manager in her family-owned private business in the field of design since 2008. She and her mother form a dynamic duo, generating strong, functional, and innovative ideas. The combination of experience and innovation has consistently yielded outstanding

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