Dora Anastasiou

Dora Anastasiou is an interior designer and director-manager in her family-owned private business in the field of design since 2008. She and her mother form a dynamic duo, generating strong, functional, and innovative ideas. The combination of experience and innovation has consistently yielded outstanding results in their projects. Their philosophy is rooted in thoroughly understanding their clients, enabling a deeper comprehension of each project’s requirements.

Since 2017, she has embarked on a journey into teaching as a lecturer at Alexander College, providing a unique experience for sharing the expertise and knowledge gained throughout the years. Teaching marked the beginning of her new career path, along with her continued involvement in various projects, granting her the opportunity to help new designers discover their unique identities and understand the beauty of creative expression.

Dora Anastasiou

Education and Continuous Learning:

Her thirst for new knowledge and professional development led her to pursue an MBA in educational leadership and management, which has significantly enhanced both aspects of her career.

Professional Expertise and Impact:

Her experience in the design industry includes mostly hospitality and business projects, as well as a variety of other areas, such as workspaces, retail, and healthcare. All projects are carefully studied to provide the best functional spaces for the end user, something that is sometimes overlooked by aesthetics. From her own perspective, everything that exists in a space must be in coherence for it to make sense, especially when it comes to the creation of new brands. 


Her main ambition as a designer and entrepreneur is to be able to share this knowledge and educate people about the philosophy behind the world of design.

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