CEO & co-owner of GRIT Academy

Viola Edward is the CEO/co-owner of GRIT Academy and partner of Creative Women Platform & 3 Startups in the areas of E-learning, Circular Fashion & Health. Author. Former President of Red Global de Mentores. Honorary President of Charity on wheels -Fashion for a Cause.

Viola is a multi-awarded personal & corporate advisor/Mentor. A breathworker & mentoring trainer, transcultural psychotherapist, social entrepreneur. She works internationally with individual and corporate clients in cross-pollination self-development, management and conscious leadership.

Pioneer of Emotional Wellness & Mental Health Fitness in the workplace since 1993, co-creator of BQ- Breath Intelligence, GRIT Breathwork Method and Management by Emotions.

Dr Viola Edward speaker at Go Digital Cyprus Conference 2023

Her expertise extends to working with both individuals and corporate clients, facilitating a unique cross-pollination of self-development, management strategies, breathwork and conscious leadership.

One of Viola’s key strengths lies in integrating self-development principles, with effective management by emotions strategies.

Through her unique methodologies, she empowers individuals to harness their potential while equipping organizations with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.

Having worked internationally, Viola brings a wealth of experience and a global perspective to her practice. Her work transcends borders, helping individuals navigate the complexities of cultural differences while empowering corporations to embrace diversity and inclusivity. As a thought leader in her field, she has successfully bridged cultural gaps and promoted unity through her innovative approaches to psychotherapy and leadership.

Co-Founder/CEO of GRIT Academy, Viola believes in the greatness of family business, she partners with her sister Layla Edward for second time.

Ally of Women Empowering Principales-WEPs of UN Women. Viola is a board member, international strategic connector and serves as ambassador for Human Rights and Gender Equity.

Author of two books:

... and co-author of 22 more.:

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