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Because nowadays, 'DIGITAL' is the decisive factor behind your business success!

Innovative Business Award
Ethical Business Award
Leading Business Award
Best Digital Experience Award

Win the recognition your business deserves!

Recognition & Trustworthiness

Winning a Go Digital Business Award shows that your organisation has been positively evaluated and recognised by our committee of industry experts, gaining valuable credibility with target audiences.

Advertising & Brand Awareness

A Go Digital Business distinction offers your company multiple tools and opportunities for wider publicity throughout the year.

Increase Sales & New Leads

Research has shown that an award strengthens customer perceptions of the quality of a company’s services or products, in turn contributing positively to sales.

Feedback & Improvement Recommendations

Award candidates will receive valuable feedback from our panel of expert evaluators, providing informed suggestions on how to improve their marketing, digital presence and increase market share. 

Reward & Motivate Teams

This prestigious Go Digital Business distinction offers significant recognition of team efforts, honouring their hard work and in turn strengthening the morale of employees. This can contribute to improving staff turnover and company loyalty.

Awards Announcement and Submission Open: Saturday 6st May 2023

Entry Deadline: Thursday 31st August 2023

Awards Ceremony: Saturday 30th September 2023

Award Category

Innovative Business

Innovative Business Award

This award will go to organisations that are built on an innovative idea. To visionary upstarts with unique business concepts, that challenge perceived limitations of creativity.


Award Category

Ethical Business

Ethical Business Award

This award will go to businesses that operate according to a clearly expressed and widely communicated strategy that focuses on actions which demonstrate an authentic responsibility toward society, community and the environment.

Award Category

Leading Business

Leading Business Award

This award will go to the organisations that best demonstrate organic growth, having achieved outstanding levels of sales, profits and market share.

Award Category

Best Digital Experience

Best Digital Experience Award

This award will go to the organisation that has the best digital presence, and that has developed and implemented impressive and successful digital strategies that increase profit and enhance the online customer experience.

Winner's Kit

The nominees in each category of the Go Digital Cyprus Business Awards will be announced following the voting process. This process takes into consideration the results of the public poll, as well as  that of the Judging Committee which consists of renowned personalities from the business sector, as well as the wider socio-economic sphere.

Nominee and Winner Prerequisites:

  • In the case of companies, Cypriot companies must be registered with the Registrar of Companies, or have significant activities in Cyprus.
  • Companies whose executives are on the committee are eligible to be nominated. However, these executives cannot vote for the companies they work for.
  • Sponsors and their executives are eligible for category nominations.
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