Nakis Teocharides

High Performance Coach

NAKIS THEOCHARIDES was born and grew up in Larnaca. He studied at the University of LaVerne BSc Business Administration with Marketing Concentration, and holds a master’s degree on Human Resource Management (MScHRM) from the University of Cyprus. He is also a certified Fitness Instructor from GRAFTS Hellas and CYQ Qualifications (YMCA Awards). 

In 2009, he began developing a sales force network as an Independent Representative of an international company. Within 8 years, he created an organization of more than 11,000 customers and associates in more than 20 countries. 

Nakis received specialized training and has been approved as an official regional trainer. He has trained hundreds of audiences in Cyprus, Greece, UK, Bulgaria, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Latvia in leadership, sales, personal growth, and business development. He primarily teaches personally applied methods and principles with proven maximum result records.
Nakis is a High Performance Coach since 2010, and the Founder of Greatnoûss & Fitnoûss programs that have been used by companies, organizations, sport clubs, teams, athletes, and others.
He is one of the authors of the book Multiple Streams of Determination (Westcom Press, April 15, 2011), and the author of recently the book Fitnoûss Το Βιβλίο.

Nakis will be speaking about:

Growth Mindset In Business and How To Develop It

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