Miranda Tringis

Traditional Western Herbalist and French Aromatherapy

CEO and Founder of Cyherbia Botanical Park

Miranda Tringis is a Dutch born entrepreneur and herbalist, living in Cyprus for 30 years now. She studied Traditional Western Herbalism and French Aromatherapy.

Miranda and her husband Adamos are the founders of Cyherbia Botanical Park in the village of Avgorou, where visitors can see and learn about the herbs of Cyprus in 9 different herb gardens, witness the extraction of essential oil in the distillation room and go on a green adventure in the maze and woodland walk around Cyprus.  In the woodland there is a fairy village to discover, and a witch’s cottage where the door to childhood imagination is opened once again.

Cyherbia project started out as a wild dream, a vision for a place where people can reconnect with nature and learn about local plants for health and wellbeing, the knowledge of which had almost become lost in Cyprus. A vision for a place for families to enjoy a day out in nature, sharing fun moments in the maze and recover their sense of wonder at the natural world in the woodland fairy village.  A vision for a barren field to become a green oasis and a place of refuge for migratory birds.

A vision for the next generation to learn about local flora and fauna and how to nurture and protect these, through educational programs for schools

The park opened in 2012 and has been growing ever since. Miranda has created a large variety of herbal products at Cyherbia, ranging from tea blends to essential oils, tinctures and cosmetics, available at the botanical park and online. Cyherbia now employs 8 staff and has won several business and environmental awards.

"Different" is Better than "Better"

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