Kia Tali

PR & Events

Kia is a creative bubbling spirit, working in the Creative industry as a Graphic and Conceptual Designer for 18 years, holding a BA in Graphic & Advertising Design.

Her passion is PR and Events, loving to be involved in big and exciting projects, aiming to inspire people. She aspire to creative constructive positive results and to evolve in mind body and spirit.

Throughout her journey she has gained amazing experiences working in graphic and advertising agencies, among others also in marketing departments, being involved in the organization of events and exhibitions. She had been involved in various events with successful projects and continue to associate with Cyherbia, Guru bar, Mukta Entertainment and so on.

A great experience was the annual charity event ‘Love & Hope charity festival’ that took place in Famagusta area, where all the proceeds were given to Pasykaf. She is proud that she has introduced the Organizers to the Media, hosted by TV and Radios, creating awareness of the charity event and inspiring cancer patients to contact relevant organizations for support.

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