Pavlos Loizou


Pavlos Loizou is the CEO of WiRE FS, a fintech start-up which delivers property intelligence, analysis, and data to the world. We connect decision makers to accurate information on real estate – and help them make faster, smarter decisions.

Pavlos has hands-on experience in repositioning real estate assets, having established and being the head of the real estate platform of Gordian Holdings, having established and being the head of asset management of the real estate management unit (REMU) of Bank of Cyprus, and an equity partner at Resolute Asset Management. He started his career in London working for CBRE and AXA REIM, before moving to Antonis Loizou & Associates. Since 2004 he has completed projects in the UK, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Cyprus and his teams have carried out more than €1.3bn of retail, portfolio and structured sales.

He is graduate of the University of Cambridge (MPhil) and the University of Reading (BSc), and the past Chairman of the RICS in Cyprus. He is a visiting speaker in several universities and writes regularly in the local press.

“Finding opportunities by solving the problems of tomorrow today”

Pavlos will outline a framework for how to approach a business proposition by examining the key factors of: what problem are you solving, for whom, and assessing your ability to execute and maintain your position over time. Pavlos launched, grew, and exited (sometimes through failure) from a series of ventures, including software companies, advisory firms, food & beverage companies, etc, has mentored and assisted others to develop robust roadmaps for their businesses, and has set strategy and implemented practical solutions for banks, private equity funds, and other organisations. More importantly, he has a knack of jumping right up after he takes a fall. He now leads WiRE, one of the fastest growing fintech companies in Cyprus, which aims to transform financial industry by unleashing digital transactions of tailored products and services.

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