Victoria Nicolaou

Digital Marketer

Victoria Nicolaou holds a Business Administration degree with a specialized focus on digital marketing, demonstrating a keen expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of digital media. Her professional journey has been marked by hands-on involvement in diverse projects and extensive research centered around the core pillars of digital marketing.

Victoria’s expertise encompasses a profound understanding of digital marketing environments, the utilization of digital platforms for advertising, the intricacies of relationship marketing, and the development of data-driven audience insights through various social media tools. Her proficiency extends to crafting and optimizing impactful social media campaigns, employing strategies grounded in the nuances of the marketing mix.

Viktoria Nicolaou Team 2023

She is adept at conducting SWOT analyses, creating detailed personas, and employing advanced segmentation and targeting techniques. Victoria’s commitment to continuous learning and practical application is evident through her participation in a research program at Frederick University. Her contributions to this program are pivotal in assisting the university to realign its focus towards potential customers and devising a more customer-centric marketing strategy.

Victoria Nicolaou’s passion for leveraging digital mediums to drive results, combined with her academic rigor and hands-on experience, positions her as a dynamic professional poised to make significant strides in the digital marketing sphere.

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